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Unique experiences for your customers

We offer you unique functionality on top of your Teams solution with Connect 3.0 Contact Point.

Are you missing selected features such as pull call, status display of colleagues on mobile phones, advanced call groups, usable statistics, wallboard, better overview of colleagues, and a smarter switchboard?

You can get these features and many more by integrating with Connect 3.0 Contact Point.

If your goal is better customer service and greater efficiency, you can realise these goals by combining your Teams solution with Connect 3.0 Contact Point.

SIP Trunk for Teams opens up possibilities

We are one of only a few Danish providers of SIP Trunk for your Teams solution. This means that your conversations are delivered at at the highest quality, that you achieve a higher operating stability, and that you have thevery best protection against eavesdropping, etc.

Finally, it is the access you get through Contact Point, to a number of applicationsfeatures and modules, that can complement and expand your Teams solution, allowing your company to communicate and collaborate more effectively

Advantages of getting Teams SIP Trunk from us


We guarantee the highest quality call delivery


More operational stability


Protection against eavesdropping, tracking and espionage


Do a three month trial with us

Our SIP Trunk makes a difference and
gives you access to so much more

When we deliver an SIP Trunk to your Teams solution, you open the door to a wealth of new features and opportunities, including opportunities that you won’t find in a standard Teams solution. For example, by expanding your solution with access to all of Denmark’s mobile networks and to modules, so that your company’s needs are fully met. Here are some of the  options, you can choose from;


  • Display of the company’s main telephone number on outgoing calls for all employees (One Number and True One Number)
  • Correct A-number display when diverting a call
  • Complete international set-up with international SIP Trunks and  international numbers – international telephony at local rates
  • Ability to record conversations automatically –  Voice Recording functionality
  • Access to all of Denmark’s mobile networks – free choice between TDC’s, Telenor’s and 3’s networks
  • Emergency message in the event of a crash


Do a three month trial with us

Test our SIP Trunk for Teams before you decide to buy. A test includes up to 10 voice channels and up to 10 Danish landline numbers. As the test is based on a closed MPLS circuit where we have dedicated bandwidth for talk, you will experience particularly high talk quality.

You can test incoming and outgoing calls to landline numbers and mobile numbers in Denmark and abroad. The test price is DKK 3,000 excluding VAT and excluding traffic.

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