Contact Point

Make Teams complete

Increase functionality in Teams

You know the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s Teams solution. Perhaps you are missing some features.

Are you missing features such as pulling calls and status display on colleagues’ mobile phones?

Are your colleagues tired of not being able to turn off the “call waiting” function?

The benefits of Contact Point


Get the features that don't exist in Teams


Enjoy more than 250 telephony features


Get advanced modules such as Statistics and Wallboard


Improve call handling efficiency and customer service


  Teams with Direct Routing Teams with Contact Point
Basic features
Group calls and call strategy
Call queues and retention
Alert when calling a non-active phone number
Conference call
Client-based conversation recording
Shared line
Status display for mobile phones and SIP phones
True OneNumber
Free Seating
OneVoiceMail, group voicemail and voicemail to e-mail
Voice Recording Server
Virtual fax
Call forwarding in the event of no response, and in the event of a crash
Emergency message in case of a crash
Multi PBX
Advanced company menu selection/call flow
Country code management
Intelligent number management
Call queue functionality
DND - do not disturb
Automatic return on unanswered transfer
International numbers


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