Mobile telephony

Communication and collaboration made easy and intuitive

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Take customers and colleagues with you on the go


Communication and collaboration becomes easier with your personal app

Versatile mobile telephony

The switchboard of approx. 300 features offers your company a good starting point for versatile communication, as well as easy and intuitive progress in your daily collaboration. Internal and external. While you are on the go, you can see the status of your colleagues. With a choice between phone calls, text messages, e-mail, chat, audio meetings and video meetings, you can easily chose the communication method that best suits your needs.

With MiTeam you get an easy project overview and use simple and intuitive task management tools to create, distribute, reallocate and complete sub-tasks quickly and easily. The product’s many elegant features and applications make it flexible, intuitive and efficient to use. The simple and powerful design almost automatically sets the tempo of the projects and task solution, which isn’t something to sneeze at.

Complete mobile telephony tailored to your business

Full switchboard with more than 250 telephony features

Intuitive smartphone app for iPhone and Android - easy and quick to operate

Displays the status of the employees' availability

Denmark's best coverage and flexible mobile subscriptions to suit every need

Integrated collaboration tool for project and task management, including file/screen sharing and audio/video meetings

We take care of the operation and development of the telephony, so you have more time for your core business


Mobile Free Talk Europe

European mobile package designed for Denmark’s travelling business community.


Mobile Free Talk Denmark

A Danish mobile package designed for use in Denmark only


USA/Canada Mobile Data

Data package designed for the use of mobile data in the United States and Canada.


World 1 GB

Customise your telephony solution at your own convenience.


Mobile Free Talk World

For those who travel all over the world.

Add modules and features to your mobile telephony

as needed

ACD Groups
Call groups

Extended switchboard for reception

Real-time insight into phone traffic

Big screen
Shared overview of call queues within the department

Customer analysis
Automatic telephone based customer surveys, where customers register via IVR, and are called and guided through interview questions

Outbound sales
Integration between telephony and selected CRM systems

Integration of telephony data with your company’s IT systems

Professional teleconferencing
With the highest security and meeting management facilities

A good and secure customer experience

with your IP telephony system

When you switch to us, we take you and your company under our wing from the start.

We operate according to clearly defined standards in all phases of trade

The implementation of your solution takes place after a 5 phase delivery process

We are responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the solution

We negotiate a service level agreement for Support and Service

We hold status review meetings with agreed upon frequency