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ipvision mainly supply danish customers with telephony and network. We service several customers in Europe and in other parts of the world, but primarily as subsidaries of danish companies.

As we experience an increasing demand for marketing materials in english, we have translated 10 pages into english. You find these pages below.

If You seek other kinds of information, please do not hesitate. Call us at tel. +45 8888 7777, or send us an email at info@ipvision.dk.


Mobile telephony

European mobile package designed for danish business travellers.


External mobile phone status

Danish mobile package designed to use in Denmark only.


Mobile Free Talk World

Mobile data package diseigned for use in USA and Canada



Integrate micreosoft Teams with your telephony


About ipvision

Read about our business, mangement, vision and values


Teams Contact

Add functionality on top of your integrated Team and telephony solution.


Connect 3.0 Pro

Probably the most complete communications and collaboration solution for companies.



Unleash the potential from integrating your CRM-system with telephony.



Unleash the potential by integrating your ERP-system with telephony.



Fiber, cobber (ADSL) and wireless internet connections

Why did our customers choose us?


Kop & Kande


Fitness World


BC Hospitality Group


Dyrenes Beskyttelse