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chose ipvision…

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… because they wanted to be able to scale up without large extra costs

Fitness World is Denmark’s largest fitness chain. The chain has grown from one centre in 2005 to 164 centres across the country. It is established in Poland and plans to establish itself further in several other markets.

”When we established Fitness World, a scalable telephone system with maximum flexibility was the ultimate requirement,” says IT Manager Martin Asmussen from Fitness World.

”We wanted a system that was 100% prepared for growth – in number of centres and number of users. Bearing in mind that we wanted no unnecessary extra costs during the expansions, such as when a new centre or a new user had to be connected to our telephony solution,” Martin continues.

”ipvision fully lived up to this. The initial installation went well, and, many extensions later, ipvision has provided good service, delivered in a satisfactory manner and without any problems, “concludes the IT Manager

The four key components


100% data network

MPLS data network with a firewall and additional services that ensure efficient and secure data & telecommunications.


Quick start

Ultra short time from order to installation, personal contact team, agreed upon delivery method, and tailored SLA.


Central control

Central configuration of new branches with data connections, security, telephony and call flows.


Locally adapted

Locally optimised call flow, e.g. with routing of local calls to local departments.

Fitness World Telephony Solution

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