External mobile phone status

Full overview in your telephony solution

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Get status display on both internal and external mobile devices

A 100% overview with status display for all employees, on all kinds of devices, is not a given. Some telecom companies provide telephony solutions with status displays for some of the co-worker’s devices, and this provides a partial overview of colleagues.

As one of only a few telecom companies in Denmark, we supply fully remote mobile phones as part of our service to all employees of your company. The service works on the mobile subscriptions provided by TDC, Telia, Telenor, 3 or us. The external mobile status can be seen on both the softphone and the smartphone app.

The advantages of External mobile phone status


Change the telephone system, even if the company's mobile packages are still tied up at TDC, Telenor, 3 or Telia


Full status display of all employees on all devices


See busy/available status on smartphones with business subscriptions from TDC, Telenor, 3 or Telia


Better customer experience with faster and more efficient handling of customer calls


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