Integration of telephony and ERP

Harvest the value of your ERP customer data

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Create value by integrating telephony with your ERP system

When you receive an outside call, the integration will create an automatic pop-up window on your screen with the most important
information from your ERP system about the customer or supplier behind the call, before the phone begins to ring.

Imagine, for example, that everything you need to know about a debtor is served on a silver platter before you answer the call.

The benefits of Telephony and ERP integration


Your customer or supplier is identified when they call


Automatically get invoice data in advance


Appear more professional from the beginning of the conversation


Save time, avoid unnecessary errors, and increase efficiency

ICM integration solution

Integration organises your ERP data
into active and value-adding information

Integration between your  telephony  and your ERP system puts two of the company’s most important resources – employees and data about customers and suppliers – into active and value-adding interaction. A large part of the dialogue with them takes place over the phone.

When you have integrated your telephony with your ERP system, the most important information about the customer or supplier from your ERP system will automatically appear on your screen when the phone rings. In this way, the integration automatically ensures that you are equipped with the most crucial data, so that you can use it actively in the dialogue and convert the potential value of the data into benefit for the debtor or creditor, and into realised value for your company.

This is how telephony works in conjunction with your ERP system

Examples of telephony and ERP integration

Integrate telephony with all CRM systems


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