Integration of telephony and CRM

Harvest the value of your CRM customer data

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Add value by integrating telephony with your CRM system

When you receive an outside call, the integration ensures that a window automatically pops up on your screen
with key information from your CRM system about the person and company behind the call, before the phone begins to ring.

Imagine that everything you need to know about the customer is served on a silver platter, before you answer the call.

The benefits of telephony and CRM integration


The CRM system, SuperOffice, can integrate with our Connect 3.0 telephony solution.

If your company uses SuperOffice, you can actively use the data from SuperOffice.

When you have prioritised the most important data fields, you will see the information from these fields in a pop-up window on the screen of the employees when a customer calls. Download the product sheet here:

Mitel Contact Center and Salesforce

If your company uses Salesforce, you have the option to integrate your solution with Mitel Contact Center, and strengthen your customer journey with 360-degree customer sales and customer service.

By combining the automated business processes in Salesforce with omnichannel management in Mitel Contact Center, your business can take sales and customer service to new heights

The customer journey can be redefined, and value can be added, in new and exciting ways in the communication channels preferred by the customer.

Download the product sheets for Salesforce and MiContact Center here:

The benefits of telephony and CRM integration


See who is calling


Optimally prioritise incoming calls


Automatically get all the relevant data in advance


Be better prepared and focused for incoming calls


Appear more professional from the beginning of the conversation


Save time


Increased call efficiency


Increased discipline regarding complete data capture, as it aids self-help

ICM integration solution

Integration organises your CRM customer data
into active and value-adding information

Integration between your  telephony  and your CRM system creates active and value-adding interaction between two of the company’s most important resources – employees and customer data. A large part of the dialogue with your customers takes place over the phone.

Once you have integrated your  telephony with your CRM system, the most important information about your customer from your CRM system will automatically appear on your screen while the telephone rings. In this way, the integration automatically ensures that you are equipped with all essential data, so that you can use it actively in the dialogue and convert the potential value of the data into benefit for the customer, and at the same time realised value for your company.

That is how telephony works in conjunction with your CRM system

Integrate telephony with all CRM systems


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