About ipvision

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ipvision offers telephony solutionsmobile telephony, internetnetworksWi-Fiinfrastructure  and integration.
Our solutions are delivered as hosted services, which means lower costs and better security for you as a customer.

These solutions are delivered over open access internet or over closed and secure MPLS connections , that make it possible to prioritise telephony and data. With our status as MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) at TDC, Telenor and 3, we also offer mobile telephony on all  of Denmark’s mobile networks.

We operate and maintain the solutions, and ensure that they are always secure and up-to-date with our advanced enterprise-level security solutions. We provide total solutions and integrate them with existing systems, PBX’s, Cloud services, email clients and back office servers.

We can provide fibrecopper or wireless connections, just as we offer IT infrastructure  as a service with special emphasis on WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi.

All telephony solutions are delivered in accordance with our our five-step delivery methodologywhich ensures that they are up and running on time, that they work as intended and that you, as a customer, get what you expect.

With a full range of services available, we can offer some completely unique solutions that help the Danish business community to minimise costs and optimise earnings.

Kenneth Andreasen

Managing Director

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Peter Reich


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Kåre Jacobsen


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Thomas Jeshøj

Sales Director

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Lars Røjgaard Andersen

Director Private/Public Enterprise & Partners

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Kenneth Kjøbmand

Director LAN/WLAN & Hospitality

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Mogens Yde-Andersen

Marketing Manager

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Pernille Hjorth

Head of Delivery, Customer Service and Technical Support

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Jesper Grann Laursen

IT Development Manager

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Carsten Thomsen

Head of Business Development

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ipvision aims to be the business community’s natural and preferred telecommunications provider.

  • We want to be the most professional, respected and attractive company within telecommunications and network integration for customers, partners and employees.
  • We wish to be the market’s leading supplier of telecommunications solutions for the Danish business community, through continued development of the company’s independent, flexible and competent foundation.
  • Customers’ requirements for a superior supplier who consolidates everything, takes full responsibility, and adds value must always be the guiding star of the company and its employees.



  • We communicate openly and honestly and have a positive outlook on life
  • We take pride in personal contact and always conduct ourselves in an attentive and conscientious manner
  • We are solutions-oriented, accommodating and flexible in all our working relationships


  • We take responsibility in our collaborations, and offer serious and qualified debate
  • We act credibly and respectfully, and contribute to constructive dialogue
  • We deliver the right solution, are at the cutting edge, and want long-term relationships


  • We set new standards and are motivated by creating new opportunities
  • We introduce cost-effective functionality and develop value-adding solutions
  • We integrate new technology and constantly improve products, services and processes


  • We understand your business and its needs, and have an interest in the success of our joint venture
  • We are proud of our business and our achievements, and are passionate about what we do
  • We see ourselves as one team and have a shared commitment to our customers